new site launched

Hello all,

Thank you for being patient with us for so long – we have finally published our brand new website. This one is much cleaner and simpler to navigate than the previous one, and it looks more “current” in the website trend.

The SNS stuff and link to purchase/stream our music is concisely placed on the top right corner of the site as well as the bottom right. We got rid of some of the pages like photos and link, but the essential pages are all here with more contents. We will be updating the site more frequently to entertain you more, but please do follow us on the SNS sites to get the latest updates as we are much more active on those.

Along with the VGO site, we have updated the Capcom Live website too. We have been working with Capcom for a while to produce their official concert tour, and we will have several shows in 2018 to rock you guys up!

We certainly hope you enjoy the new look of the site. Thanks for checking out, and here is the brand new Capcom Live trailer for you to enjoy!