PAX East Success

Hello all,

The past 2 weeks were pretty crazy for us. Working on soundtracks, providing our musicians to Anime Boston and producing the FFXV concert at PAX East…..

But everything is done, and it is done well.

Of all the things, the PAX East FFXV concert became such a memorable one for us. Producing a large scale concert is not an easy task, and this was literally that times hundred. We knew that the expectation from SQEX, FFXV team, PAX and fans were so, so high. We knew that we had to produce something that is beyond that.

Thus we went all the way.

The response was….incredible. Just incredible. Once the concert was over, we immediately received a touching message from the director Tabby himself saying that this was the best concert he has ever seen in his life.

Our SNS was overflowing with positive comments, and the Twitch comment thread was exploding like crazy. We cannot tell you how happy we were when we saw those.

We certainly hope to do this again and take it on the road. Maybe PAX Prime? Other events? We will talk to the SQEX peeps and see what we can do.

If you missed the concert, please watch it from here. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think from our SNS! We will be posting the videos on our Youtube channel too.



VGO Team